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Synetgies 1-4 (Nanotech, Formula Student, Presentation of, SUN_D)
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Synetgies 1-4 (Nanotech, Formula Student, Presentation of, SUN_D)
Synetgies 1 - Nanotech

At the occasion of our very first try to connect students from different backgrounds, Gustav Schiefler of ETH Zurich and Camille Therre of the University of St. Gallen prepared a presentation and a case study on the latest development in nanotech, both from a technological as well as from a business perspective.

Synetgies 2 - Formula Student

Having been a participant at the Formula Student competition, Daniel Landmann of ETH Zurich introduced us to the first complete version of their self-constructed race car.

Synetgies 3 - Presentation of

Dominik Grolimund of ETH Zurich first held the world-wide first public presentation of his new peer-to-peer storage system in order to join the Synetgies community later for a networking dinner and to answer specific questions. All Synetgies members received an invitation to test

Synetgies 4 - Presentation of SUN_D

Founded as an art project, Jonas Burki of the University of applied Sciences of Nothwestern Switzerland (FHNW) soon realised the economic potential of his simple yet ingenious invention, a display which uses sunlight as the only source of light - a possible new approach towards sustainable advertising.

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