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Synetgies 9: Entrepreneurship as Life Idea
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Synetgies 9: Entrepreneurship as Life Idea
Ben Casnocha joined us for the 9th edition of Synetgies. Drawing on his own experiences as entrepreneur and the ones he gathered in writing his book, Ben will discuss what it means to think entrepreneurially in all contexts, not just in the process of starting a business. He will present a series of ideas, facts, and provocative opinions around the entrepreneurial mentality, and then facilitate a discussion as well as the usual interactive Q&A session.

Ben Casnocha is a Silicon Valley ­based entrepreneur and author. Currently twenty years old, he serves on the board of Comcate, Inc., the leading e-government technology firm he founded six years ago. He has received various accolades. In 2006 BusinessWeek named him one of America’s best young entrepreneurs. In 2004 PoliticsOnline ranked him among the “twenty-five most influential people in the world of Internet and politics.” The Silicon Valley Business Journal named his blog one of the “Top 25 in Silicon Valley.” His work has been featured in hundreds of media around the world, including CNN and USA Today. He’s a commentator for public radio’s “Marketplace”. He is a seasoned speaker on entrepreneurship and leadership, and he cofounded an intellectual discussion society for business and technology executives.

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