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Synetgies 11: Internet of things - creative session
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Synetgies 11: Internet of things - creative session
Dear Synetgizers,
next Monday, November 24, from 18:30 we are gathering in Zurich for a very creative session in a special environment.

The topic will be the "Internet of things": how will people interface and communicate with machines and gadgets in the future? What business models and technologies are viable?

To know a bit more about this topic, why not browse Wikipedia for a start?

Due to the fact that this time we are meeting outside the ETHZ in a creative environment, place will be limited to about 15 people, so if you would like to be part of this very interactive event, just fill in this short form and indicate there some of your key thoughts to the event topic:

The venue will be communicated to the participants. Register early, place is limited! :-)

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Andi, Camille & Tiziano

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