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February 23, St. Gallen: Trends and entrepreneurial spirit in the Silicon Valley
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February 23, St. Gallen: Trends and entrepreneurial spirit in the Silicon Valley
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START and the CEE-HSG present the serial entrepreneur Dr. Johannes Ziegler. His presentation on trends and entrepreneurial spirit in the Silicon Valley will be followed by a workshop that focuses on business in the online community. The event is being held on Monday 23. February in room 10-U149 at 7 p.m. at the “Lehrprovisorium.” You must register prior to the event in order to secure attendance.

Dr. Ziegler is co-founder and CEO of Miaplaza Inc., a Silicon Valley start-up that provides feature-rich online platforms for Internet communities. Current projects Miaplaza Inc. are undertaking include, and Born in Germany Dr. Ziegler moved to the Silicon Valley in 1994 to concentrate on his PhD research at Stanford University. With his experiences from both McKinsey & Company’s high-tech management and his Stanford PhD research he co-founded the consulting company Synesis Inc. in 1997.

Depending on the audience the presentation will be held in either English or German. Emphasis will be placed on positive and negative aspects of the silicon valley, current trends in the entrepreneurial centre and influences of the financial crisis. After a short break those interested will be invited to attend a Workshop on the online community business featuring example of the three current Miaplaza projects, and Attendance of the workshop will be independent from the presentation.

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